New Providers/Vendors

Steps to Become a Provider/Vendor

Number 1

Register at MyFloridaMarketPlace

Register at the state of Florida’s electronic procurement system at Vendor.MyFloridaMarketPlace.com.

Number 2

Register and Submit W-9

Register at the State of Florida’s provider portal at FLVendor.MyFloridaCFO.com. Submit a completed Substitute Form W-9 and Taxpayer Identification Number. These two required forms may be subject to 1099 reporting.

Number 3

Apply to Vocational Rehabilitation

Find your profession in the Vendor Registration Qualification Manual.

  • Under your occupation are the necessary qualifications and documents needed for submission.
  • Complete the appropriate VR Vendor Application.
  • Mail, email or fax the completed Vendor Application with supporting documents.

Number 4

Approved as a Provider

When your application is approved, an approval letter will be emailed to you. Application processing takes approximately two (2) to twelve (12) weeks, depending on the provider type. The Vendor Registration Analyst will provide you with anticipated processing times and keep you informed throughout the process. Your approval letter will indicate the method and date of registration expiration.

Number 5

Meet Staff at Local Offices

As a new vendor, introduce yourself with an overview of your services to your local VR offices. Your local offices will provide the details on how they authorize for services. VR does not guarantee referrals.

Number 6

Maintain and Renew

Your approval letter includes the expiration date and requirements to continue as an approved vendor.