Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology

About Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) is any device, gadget, hardware or software to make life easier. AT includes low-tech items like a reacher or a magnifying glass or high-tech equipment like tablet apps or systems that allow you to control your computer with your eyes. If requested, VR begins with a job-site evaluation to identify any problems that relate to workplace accessibility for the VR customer’s ability to perform specific tasks. Recommendations are made for appropriate technology that will raise productivity and quality of life. This may include:

  • Assistive devices for sight and hearing
  • Accessibility and safety issues (e.g., grab-bars in restrooms)
  • Ergonomic armrests
  • Mobility and transportation barriers (e.g., wheelchair or scooter to help you get around the office)
  • Vehicle modifications

Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology

Since its inception in 1998, Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (FAAST) provides Floridians free access to information, referral services, educational programs and publications on extensive topics related to disability rights, laws/policies and funding opportunities for assistive technology.




Toll Free at 844-353-2278

Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation and Robotics Technologies

The Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation and Robotics Technologies' (CARRT) mission is to improve the quality of life, and increase independence and community reintegration of individuals with reduced functional capabilities due to aging, disability or traumatic injury, through integrated research, education and service in assistive and rehabilitation, and robotics technologies in collaboration with consumers, clinicians, government and industry partners.