Vocational Rehabilitation
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Employment Service Provider

An Employment Service Provider is a not-for-profit organization that has been approved to help VR customers get or keep a job.

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Employment service provider profiles are available in your community. To find what they do for VR customers search by Profile to make an informed choice about which employment service provider would best fit your needs. Search for service providers by name, city, county, services offered, or disabilities served. Use the interactive map below to search by VR area.

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Employment Service Provider

In accordance with Rule 6A-25.021, Florida Administrative Code, all service providers are required to apply with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and complete a Fee-for-Service Provider Contractual Agreement. The application must be completed and approved before the provider is able to submit a Fee-for-Service Provider Contractual Agreement.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Fee-for-Service Provider Application

Vocational Rehabilitation Fee-for-Service Provider Contractual Agreement (Service Provider)

To be eligible to become an Employment Service Provider, the organization must, at a minimum, have a 501(3)c not-for-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service and have experience working with, and finding employment for, persons with disabilities.