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All offices are open Monday thru Friday except state holidays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EDT) or 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CDT) depending upon the county.
Find an office near you by accessing our Office Directory.


Call 850-245-3399 and 800-451-4327

VR Ombudsman Office - Customer Service

Call Toll Free at 866-515-3692
Email at Ombudsman@vr.fldoe.org

Business Representatives

Call 850-245-3399 and 800-451-4327
Email at VRBusinessRep@vr.fldoe.org

Employment Programs

Call 850-245-3399 and 800-451-4327
Email at VREmploymentPrograms@vr.fldoe.org

Independent Living Program

Call 850-245-3399
Email at ILProgram@vr.fldoe.org

Students and Youth

Call 850-245-3399 and 800-451-4327
Email at VRTransitionYouth@vr.fldoe.org

Ticket to Work

Social Security Administration program that VR participates as an employment network.
Contact your local office or call 850-245-3271


Person or business that provides services to VR customers that will lead to a goal of employment.
Call 850-245-3401 and 866-580-7438
Email at VRVendors@fldoe.org

Note: Include your phone number and the best way to contact you if you contact by email.
TTY users dial 711 to connect with the telecommunications relay service, TRS.
Video phone users can call through the video relay service, VRS.