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About Employment Service Providers

Both VR and the provider share responsibility in assisting the VR customer to achieve a successful outcome.

VR designates a Provider Manager, housed in VR Headquarters, to work with the Provider on all things related to registration, monitoring, technical assistance, training and administrative matters.

Provider Liaisons serve as an intermediary between the Provider, VR Headquarters and Field office staff. Provider Liaisons are assigned by county. They provide technical assistance and training.

Employment Services Providers Qualifications

A provider is a not-for-profit organization that has been approved to help VR customers get or keep a job. To be eligible to as a provider, the organization must at a minimum have:

  • A 501(c)3 not-for-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Experience working with, and finding employment for, persons with disabilities

If you are interested in providing Employment Services and/or Pre-Employment Transition Services, please complete a Service Interest Form and submit it to VRVendors@vr.fldoe.org. Submitting the Service Interest Form does not guarantee you will be able to apply to provide services. A complete review of provider saturation and service needs will be conducted each time a form is received.