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Myths and Facts

Myth: Accommodations will be too expensive.
Fact: Most accommodations are free or cost less than $500, and VR will provide advice on how to make accommodations, if needed.

Myth: If I hire a person with a disability, I will have to give them extensive training.
Fact: VR offers qualified applicants who are ready to work or On-the-Job Training to get the employee properly trained for the job.

Myth: If I provide accommodations for a person with a disability then it will decrease other employees' satisfaction.
Fact: Many organizations, like Walgreens and A&E Woods Company, provided accommodations for their workers with disabilities and experienced an overall increase in productivity.

Myth: There are no benefits from hiring a person with disabilities.
Fact: People with disabilities have fewer scheduled absences and stay on the job longer than those without disabilities. In addition, tax credits through the Internal Revenue Service may be available to employers who hire individuals with disabilities.

Myth: If I employ people with disabilities I will lose customers.
Fact: Employing people with disabilities may increase revenues by allowing you to tap into a wider customer base that includes individuals living with disabilities to build brand loyalty, thus increasing revenues.