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Contact Business Relations Representatives

Business Relations Representatives

VR helps you find dependable employees for your staffing needs. It is a win-win situation for both employees and employers.

Call: 850-245-3399 or 800-451-4327

Email: VRBusinessRep@vr.fldoe.org

Area Location Name Email
1 Pensacola Deborah Trocki Deborah.Trocki@vr.fldoe.org
1 Tallahassee Nicole Lamar Nicole.Lamar@vr.fldoe.org
2 Jacksonville Vacant VRBusinessRep@vr.fldoe.org
3 Winter Haven Vacant VRBusinessRep@vr.fldoe.org
3 Orlando Gale Riddle Gale.Riddle@vr.fldoe.org
4 Tampa Mike Jones Mike.Jones@vr.fldoe.org
5 Vacant Vacant VRBusinessRep@vr.fldoe.org
5 Vacant Vacant VRBusinessRep@vr.fldoe.org
6 Vacant Vacant VRBusinessRep@vr.fldoe.org
7 Palm Beach Raquel Moura Raquel.Moura@vr.fldoe.org
7 Vacant Vacant VRBusinessRep@vr.fldoe.org
All Statewide Michael Kiser Michael.Kiser@vr.fldoe.org
All Statewide Kathy Davis Kathy.Davis@vr.fldoe.org

Abilities Work Help Desk

A team of professionals are ready to respond to your disability work-related questions Monday through Friday,
from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (EDT). The Abilities Work Help Desk answer employer questions about:

  • Connecting with qualified job candidates who have disabilities
  • Increasing your hiring pool and keeping valuable, trained employees
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Federal contractor requirements
  • Tax or Financial incentives for hiring employees with disabilities

Call: 844-245-3405

Email: AbilitiesWorkHD@vr.fldoe.org

Portal: Department of Economic Opportunity’s Employ Florida website