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Sign Language Interpreting Internships FAQs

Can VR provide internship placements throughout the state of Florida?
Yes, but local internships are contingent upon availability of VR staff interpreters throughout the state. VR will do its best to find a suitable location/site that the interpreter intern requests.

Are interpreting internship required?
An internship agreement will be needed between the university/college and VR for each student. All agreements are subject to legal review by FDOE.

What can VR offer with internships?
VR offers a limited number of VR sign-language interpreter internships per year. The internships are unpaid. No unpaid intern volunteer or practicum student volunteer can begin working until the Background Screening has been approved by the FDOE Office of the Inspector General.

What forms and activities are required?
If the University or College has a student wishing to participate in an internships through VR, email the Internship Coordinator

How do I submit an internship request?
The student completes the electronic sign-language interpreting Internship Questionnaire and Volunteer Application. Email both completed forms to the Internship Coordinator. The Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind Team will review the questionnaire and determine if the student is eligible, and may forward the forms to Human Resources for further review. The student may also be contacted for clarification or asked to provide further information. Qualified students will be given a package of information and forms to review.

What is Background screening requirement?
It is the policy of FDOE that all applicants for employment or volunteering undergo a national criminal history background screening (Level 2) in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 435, F.S., as a condition of employment or being permitted to serve as a volunteer. Select from the left column Level-2 Background Screening Requirements.

What is Next?
Once approved, a student will be supervised by a nationally-certified VR staff interpreter. The staff interpreter will orient the student through VR process and explain how interpreting services are provided in VR. Then, the staff interpreter will arrange for the interpreter intern to observe and provide interpreting as soon as it is determined appropriate. Any customer who is Deaf, hard of hearing, or Deafblind involved in any interpreting session with the intern present will need to first sign a waiver/consent. The staff interpreter will also provide feedback to the intern after each time the intern provides interpreting.