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Ticket to Work

Social Security Disability Program

If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Benefits Specialists are on hand to counsel you on work incentives and other benefits of working while educating you on the effects of earnings as you plan for employment.

Ticket to Work (TTW) is a Social Security Administration (SSA) program available to Floridians who qualify for social security disability benefits and want to work. SSA issues tickets that may be used at any employment network (EN) participant, such as VR. EN participants offer employment and rehabilitation services that may include:

  • Cash benefits while you work.
  • Medicaid or Medicare while you work.
  • Help with any extra work expenses resulting from your disability.

How Do I Become a Ticket Holder?

TTW is available to most social security beneficiaries with disabilities who meet certain criteria. SSA notifies those who are eligible to participate in the program, known as Ticket Holders. There are more than 11 million Ticket Holders in this nationwide program, and many are already working. TTW is free and voluntary.

Who is Eligible for Ticket to Work Services?

If you receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for your disability, you are presumed eligible for VR services.

Can I Keep My Medicaid or Medicare?

While you participate in the TTW Program, there are work incentives to help you keep your cash benefits and medical coverage as you transition into the workforce. In addition, SSA has other work incentives that serve as a bridge between disability benefits and financial independence.

What is Order of Selection?

Order of Selection is based on the significance of the customer’s disability. Federal law requires that individuals with the most significant disabilities be served first. All other eligible individuals are placed on a prioritized waiting list.

Facts Vs. Myths

Myth: If I participate in the Ticket to Work program while trying to get a job, I will lose my Medicaid or Medicare benefits.
Fact: Social Security provides special “work incentives” to help people with disabilities become financially independent. These include keeping your cash benefits and medical coverage while you transition into the work place. And, if you find that you cannot work, it is easy to start your payments again.

Myth: If I am unhappy with an employment network, I will be forced to stay with the network once I give them my ticket.
Fact: When you assign your ticket to a particular employment network, your ticket cannot be assigned to another one at the same time. However, if it’s decided that you and the organization cannot work together, you can take back your ticket and reassign it to another employment network once you have completed your services with us.