Image of scientist, man with learning disabilities working in an office, two cooks working in a kitchen, paraplegic man working on a laptop, two baristas working at point of sale system.  Meaningful Employment Makes the Difference

For Job Seekers

If you have a disability, VR can help you understand the options available to find, get or keep a better job.

For Students and Youth

Get There, Florida's Workforce Education Initiative

Learn more about educational
opportunities available to you through
Career & Technical Education

For Employers

Finding qualified and dependable employees is a challenge for many businesses. If you are looking to diversify your workforce, look no further than VR. VR's talent pool has the drive and skills you want, with the abilities, qualifications and dependability you need.

Vocational Rehabilitation Business Services Offer

For Providers & Vendors

Providers and Vendors provide services to persons with disabilities to help them find and/or maintain employment.