Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors

Q: My vendor registration has expired or is no longer active. How do I re-register as a vendor?

A: The re-registration process is essentially the same as the registration process.

  1. Log into MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) to make sure your registration is still active and that they have the correct address. Make any necessary changes.
  2. Register your electronic w-9 with the Department of Financial Services, if you have not already done so.
  3. Submit the appropriate application and any supporting documents that may be required.

Please see more detailed instructions in the How to Re-Register document.

Q: How do I change my Tax ID number?

A: Follow the How to Become a Vendor instructions. Complete the three-step process for the new Tax ID number that you wish to operate under:

  1. MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) Registration
  2. Electronic W-9 Registration
  3. NEW VR Application Submission

The VR application includes a cover sheet. The coversheet has a space to indicate if you are changing or adding a tax ID number as well as a section to indicate what you would like to do with your existing Tax ID number.

Q: How do I change my vendor information such as address, contact information, business or individual name, etc.?

A: Please follow the detailed instructions found on the Vendor Information Update Form. This process consists of two steps, which include:

  1. MFMP Update
  2. Submission of the Vendor Information Update Form

Q: I am already a VR Vendor, but I want to provide a different service in addition to what I am already providing. How to I become registered to provide additional services?

A: Submit the appropriate application and any supporting documentation that is required for that vendor type. This information can be found in the Vendor Qualification Manual.

Q: I no longer wish to be a vendor with VR. How can I withdraw and terminate my VR registration or a registration for a specific individual who no longer operates under this Tax ID/ SSN?

A: Download the Vendor Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Vendor Registration unit. You will be notified when the withdrawal process is complete. Keep in mind that if, in the future, you wish to register again, you will need to complete the entire New Vendor Registration process again.

Q: My company and/or I are already registered as a vendor. How can I add an additional provider to be registered under the same SSN or Tax ID Number as myself and/or my company?

A: The provider being added will need to complete the appropriate VR Vendor Application. On the application, there is a section that asks for Individualís Name. In this section, write the name of the provider being added. Submit the vendor application along with any required documents (if applicable) to the Vendor Registration unit. The application will be processed and a notification will be sent once complete.

Q: The application Iím required to submit needs to be notarized. Does that mean that I need to submit it by mail or is ok to fax it?

A: You may fax it, or scan and email it to the Vendor Registration unit.

Q: How can I get information about a VR vendorís payment history or recent payments?

A: Vendors can access the State of Florida Vendor Payment History page by visiting

FYI: The State of Florida requires its vendors to submit a Substitute Form W-9 to ensure accurate federal tax reporting. Effective March 5, 2012, vendors will not receive orders or payments from the State if a valid Substitute Form W-9 is not on file. Go to the State of Florida Vendor Website to register and complete your Form W-9.

Q: Who should I contact if I have a vendor payment discrepancy, question, or issue?

A: All payment related questions should be referred to the VR Counselor whom you have been working with or to your local VR Office. You can find the contact information for local VR offices by visiting office_directory.shtml.