Frequently Asked Questions about CCIR for Subminimum Wage Individuals

Q: How do I know I am approved to provide the Career Counseling for Subminimum Wage Individuals services?

A: You will receive a purchase order from My Florida Marketplace. It has the dates and dollar amounts that you are authorized to provide. Review it carefully, and do not go over the amount listed on the purchase order. All services should begin after the PO date and must be provided before the end date. Check with if you have questions regarding your status as a provider.

Q: Who is eligible to receive these services?

A: Individuals who are participating in subminimum wage through a 14(c) labor certificate. Typically, the certificate may be used in Adult Day Training programs, Sheltered Workshops, Institutions, some schools as well as a few other groups. The 14(c) employer should have a list of the individuals in the program who are required to participate in this service. The 14(c) should also share with you recommended training group sizes for the individuals they serve.

Q: How do I know who needs these services?

A: VR is not making the referrals for this service. Our local VR offices and staff will not be part of this process. The Department of Labor, Wage and Hour has a list of all the 14(C) certificates listed in the United States. You may refine the search to Florida and those employers may have individuals who are required to have this service. You may market your services to these agencies, or they may call you in response to your listing on

Q: Where can I provide the service (physical space)?

A: Most of the 14(c) employers are making space available for the classes as it is the most efficient and safest way to hold them. You and the 14(c) must work together on this to iron out the details.

Q: How many hours is the course supposed to be?

A: Four hours, but the 14(c) employer and the CCIR trainer can work out a schedule that meets the individuals’ needs. The course could be broken down in hour segments, 2-hour segments, etc.; however, the total must be the required four hours.

Q: How do I bill for the services I provide?

A: The application you filled out had information on this topic. Please refer back to the billing section. You will bill VR with an invoice on letterhead with the number of people you served. An attached roster will be needed with dates, times, participant’s names, trainer name, and other items as listed in your application packet.

Q: When can I bill?

A: Your PO is approved for a specific number of individuals you may serve. Do not go over this number. You also do not have to wait until you spend all of the funds in your PO to bill. Please bill no more than twice per month so we have adequate time to process the bills. You may submit your invoices to

Q: Are individuals who have guardians required to have the guardian participate in the CCIR training sessions?

A: According to VR's attorney, "The regulations allow for information to be provided to an individual’s representative “as appropriate,” but the intent appears for this training to be provided directly to the individual. While it could be helpful to have an individual’s representative present, and some representatives may want to be present, I do not see anywhere where this is a requirement for CCIR services." CCIR trainers should be mindful of who has a guardian and make sure to send information home with those individuals, and do not ask them to make any decisions until they can discuss it with their guardian.

Special Requests:

VR requests that you include a contact name and phone number for the training sessions you complete. VR will randomly select 14(c) employers to evaluate the CCIR services that were provided.

VR also requests that you use a simple evaluation tool and ask participants to complete the evaluation. They may need assistance to complete it, but that is okay.

VR has brochures you may use as a resource for the course. You can contact your local VR office to request them. They are also available online to print. If they do not have any, you may contact Headquarters and we will get you needed brochures.

Some Additional Notes of Interest: For more details you may review information on the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour website.

Individuals who have been participating in subminimum wage prior to July 22, 2016 must complete a Career Counseling Information and Referral Services Course by July 22, 2016.

Individuals who started participating in subminimum wage after July 22, 2016 must complete the course at approximately six months and again at the end of the year. This group requires two trainings in their first year and annually thereafter.

The 14(c) employer is accountable for maintaining the needed records of the courses and asking for additional classes when needed in order to meet the guidelines.