Background Screening

New regulations require that some individuals providing direct services to VR customers register with the AHCA Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse and submit to and pass a Level 2 background screening.

Current VR service providers required to comply with these requirements include:

Providers submitting applications for the vendor types above will be sent instructions on how to register in the clearinghouse and get their screenings following initial approval of qualifications.

REMINDER: Criminal history information cannot be communicated via email. Any criminal history documents requested by VR should be faxed or sent via USPS.

Background Screening Regulations

Florida Statute, 413.208 Background Screening Requirements

Florida Statute, Chapter 435.04 Level 2 Screening Standards

Background Screening Instruction Guides

Clearinghouse: VR User Registration Guide (PDF)

VR Clearinghouse Results Website Instruction Guide (PDF)

Clearinghouse Portal Password Reset Guide (PDF)

NOTE: To reach the Background Screening Clearinghouse, visit

Background Screening Clearinghouse Training Videos

Exemption from Disqualification

In accordance with section 435.07, Florida Statutes, persons disqualified from employment may be granted an exemption from disqualification. The granting of an exemption does not change an individualís criminal history. It only provides eligibility for employment in a Vocational Rehabilitation setting. An individual seeking an exemption must demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that an exemption from disqualification should be granted. The application will be reviewed and a decision made once all relevant documentation, listed in the Exemption Form Instructions below, has been received. A person is not eligible to apply for an Exemption from Disqualification until:

Exemption Forms

Important Information about the Application for Exemption from Disqualification (PDF)

Application for Exemption from Disqualification Form (PDF)

Out-of-State Applications

It is required that you initiate each new screening on the Clearinghouse Results Website located at Clearinghouse Results Website AHCA Portal Login

By initiating screenings, you not only will receive email notifications once the results are available, but you will also be notified if the applicant is subsequently arrested and/or has an eligibility status change. The Livescan Service Provider Fieldprint has many locations outside of Florida with Livescan and photo capability to have the screening entered into the Clearinghouse. Please visit Fieldprint's website to see if there is a convenient location near you.

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