Counselor Policy Manual

Chapter 1 - General Information

Chapter 2 - Confidentiality and Release of Consumer Information/Records

Chapter 3 - Notice of Decisions and Appeal Procedures

Chapter 4 - Referrals, Applications, Diagnosis, and Assessment

Chapter 5 - Transition Youth Services

Chapter 6 - Eligibility

Chapter 7 - Significant and Most Significant Disabilities

Chapter 8 - Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE)

Chapter 9 - Authorization for Services, Financial Need, Comparable Services and Benefits, Third Party Payers

Chapter 10 - DOE Purchasing and Bidding Requirements

Chapter 11 - Scope of Rehabilitation Services

Chapter 12 - Rehabilitation Services: Restoration Services

Chapter 13 - Vocational Training Services

Chapter 14 - Rehabilitation Services: Rehabilitation Technology

Chapter 15 - Request for Approval

Chapter 16 - Social Security Administration (SSA)

Chapter 17 - Supported Employment Program

Chapter 18 - Closures

Chapter 19 - Extended Employment

Operational Policies and Procedures Related Documents

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Guide on Serving Individuals Who are Deaf, Late-Deafened, Hard of Hearing, or Deaf-Blind (Text)
Guide on Services to Individuals Who are Deaf-Blind (Text)
Guide on Hearing Loss, the Purchase of Hearing Aids, and Cochlear Implants (PDF)
Guide for Provision of Interpreting Services for Individuals with Hearing Loss Part A (PDF)
Guide for the Provision of Interpreting Services for Individuals with Hearing Loss Part B Purchasing Vendor Services (PDF)

Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors (PDF)

Immigration Documents
Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification (PDF)

Individualized Plan for Employment
IPE Packet Coversheet in English (RTF)
IPE Packet Coversheet in Spanish (RTF)

Preliminary Assessment
Preliminary Assessment Interviewing Tool (RTF)

Psychological Services/Mental Health
Guideline for the Use of Psychological Services (Text)
Fee Code Definitions for Psychological Services Used by VR (Text)

Rehabilitation Technology
Home Modification Consumer Acknowledgment (RTF)
Used Vehicle Inspection Sheet (PDF)
Vehicle Modification Consumer Acknowledgment (RTF)
Vehicle Repair Checklist (RTF)
Rehabilitation Engineering Referral Checklist/Tool (RTF)

Self-Employment & Supported Self-Employment Best Practice and Informational Guide (RTF)
Self-Employment Considerations

Supported Employment
Integrated Setting (CFR 361) (RTF)
Supported Employment Phase II Checklist (RTF)

Ticket to Work
SSA Alert Instructions (Word)
Ticket to Work Assignment Process (PPT)
Ticket to Work Program Memorandum of Agreement (RTF)
Ticket to Work Program Procedural Guide (PDF)
WIPA Statewide Map (PDF)
Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Projects (RTF)

On the Job Training Progress Report (RTF)

Additional Information
Trial Work Plan (RTF)
VR Mediation Process (RTF)
List of Primary and Support Services (RTF)
Functional Capacity Assessment Guide for Counselors (RTF)
Financial Participation Determination Overview (RTF)
Guidelines for Serving Ex Offenders (RTF)