Internships and Practicums

Interning with VR is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and insights into the field of Vocational Rehabilitation. We invite Rehabilitation Counseling (or related field) students or Sign Language Interpreting students to apply for internships with experienced vocational rehabilitation professionals.

Sign Language Interpreting Internships

Vocational Rehabilitation welcomes student interns from Sign Language Interpreting programs.

Things to Know

How Interested Student Get Started:

  1. Complete a State of Florida Application. Do not leave any blank fields including current and previous positions.
  2. Complete a Staff Interpreter Questionnaire.
  3. Complete a Volunteer Application.
  4. Email your resume and three completed forms to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deafblind VR Administrator Cory Parker at:

How Interested Universities Get Started

VR Counseling Internships and Practicums

Unpaid internships and practicum opportunities are available. Undergraduate or graduate-level students may be required to take a practicum as an additional credit course in order to meet degree requirements, generally 10 hours per week. A practicum is a hybrid between an actual credit course and an internship. The practicum combines standard classroom coursework with real world experience within their field of study, while earning credit hours toward their degree. The practicum allows the student to master skills learned in the classroom.

In some cases, a graduate student may do one semester as a VR practicum student volunteer, and then the next semester work as a paid VR intern. In these cases, the student transitions from a volunteer placement to an OPS employee depending upon available OPS funding.

There may also be times when a student requests a VR internship but may choose for it to be unpaid, or if the VR internship program has spent the annual budget allocation for paid VR internships. In these situation, the student could work as an unpaid intern volunteer.

For VR's purposes, we define unpaid internships and practicums as unpaid volunteer work. Volunteers do not participate in state group health insurance or the state retirement system.
No unpaid intern volunteer or practicum student volunteer can begin working until the background screening has been approved by the FDOE Office of the Inspector General.

Things to Know

How Interested Students Get Started:

How Interested Universities Get Started: