Employment Services Providers

An Employment Services Provider is a not-for-profit organization that has been approved to help VR customers get or keep a job. To be eligible to become an Employment Services Provider, the organization must meet these minimum criteria:

We are not accepting new Employment Services Provider applications at this time.


Service Provider Resources

Employment Services Manual

Forms and Other Resources
On-the-Job Training Plan and Agreement (PDF)
On-the-Job Training Reimbursement Form (PDF)
Reporting an On-the-Job Injury or Illness
VR Accident Reporting Instructions Card
VR Area Workers' Compensation Liaison
Pre-Placement Training Report (PDF)
Pre-Placement Training Survey (PDF)
Individual Career Plan (PDF)
Acknowledgement of Independent Contractor Status (PDF)
Request for Approval to Hire a VR Customer Form (PDF)
Employee Contact Form (PDF)
Employment Specialist Application (PDF)
Benchmark Calculator (Excel)
VR Style Guide (PDF)
Provider Demographic Form
Pre-ETS Referral Template (Third Party) (PDF)

Forms and Other Resources - Services Referred beginning 2/1/2021
Perm Manual (PDF)
PERM Approval Notice Process Handout (Text)
PERM Invoicing Process Handout (Text)
Career Support Inventory (Text)
CIE Verification (Text)
Job Analysis Form (PDF)
Long Term Support Plan (Text)
Timesheet (Text)
On-the-Job Training Plan (Text)
On-the-Job Training Agreement (Text)
WBLE Plan (Text)
WBLE Agreement (Text)
Service: Supported Employment (Text)
Service: Employment Services (Text)
Service: On-the-Job Training for Adults (Text)
Service: On-the-Job (OJT) Wage Reimbursement (Text)
Service: Work Based Learning Experience for Youth (Text)
Service: Work Based Learning Experience (WBLE) Wage Reimbursement (Text)
SE Quick Reference (Text)
ES Quick Reference Guide (Text)
On-the-Job Training Quick Reference Guide (Text)
WBLE Quick Reference Guide (Text)
Employment Plan (Text)
OJT Modifcation Request (Text)
OJT Final Report (Text)
WBLE Modifcation Request (Text)
WBLE Final Report (Text)

Service Provider Choice Directory - Provider Webinar (PDF)
Employment Specialist Training Services (PowerPoint)
Employment Specialist Training Overview (PowerPoint)
Employment Specialist Training Quiz

If you have any suggestions on ways to improve our processes, please email us at VRProviderIntake@vr.fldoe.org.