The FRC does not assist in the resolution of individual case issues. If you have experienced a conflict or disagree with a decision made by VR, there are two key resources to assist you, the VR Ombudsman's Office and the Client Assistance Program.

VR Handbook of Services

Your Guide to Employment Handbook of Services (PDF) (Large Print)
Su Guía Para el Empleo Manual de Servicios (PDF) (Letre Grande)
Gid Travay ou Manyèl sou Sèvis yo (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)

You can find links to other helpful resources on the VR Resource Links and Transition Youth Resources web pages.


Disability Resources

Abilities Work Help Desk

Disability Etiquette (PDF)

Best Practices

The State Rehabilitation Council - Vocational Rehabilitation Partnership: Working Together Works (PDF)
This document is intended to facilitate strong partnerships between State Rehabilitation Councils and state vocational rehabilitation agencies.