The FRC does not assist in the resolution of individual case issues. If you have experienced a conflict or disagree with a decision made by VR, there are two key resources to assist you, the VR Ombudsman's Office and the Client Assistance Program.

VR Handbook of Services (PDF)
VR Handbook of Services (TXT)

You can find links to other helpful resources on the VR Resource Links and Transition Youth Resources web pages.


Recruiting, Hiring, Retaining, and Promoting People with Disabilities; U.S. Department of Labor - Office of Disability Employment Policy

Abilities Work Help Desk

Disability Etiquette (PDF)

Best Practices

The State Rehabilitation Council - Vocational Rehabilitation Partnership: Working Together Works (PDF)
This document is intended to facilitate strong partnerships between State Rehabilitation Councils and state vocational rehabilitation agencies.

How to become an FRC Member

Council Members are appointed by the Governor and must represent a majority of individuals with disabilities. Appointments are for three years and a member may serve two consecutive terms. Florida State law sets a maximum number of members at 25.

The Council is made up of Governor-appointed individuals. As a Council Member and VR Advocate, we work in strategic partnership to increase the employment of all people living with disabilities in competitive jobs of their choice. Representative groups are determined by assignment by the Governor, your experience and the interest group you want to represent, (i.e., labor, community rehab providers, disability groups, etc.)

To become a member, you must complete the Governorís appointment application, identifying your wish to serve on the FRC. You can find application at or by calling 850-717-9243.

For more information about becoming an FRC Member or the expectations of membership, please call 850-245-3397 or email