About FRC

Who We Are
The Florida Rehabilitation Council is part of a network of state rehabilitation councils that were created by the 1992 Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. FRC was established to assist Vocational Rehabilitation in planning and developing statewide rehabilitation programs and services, and recommending improvements to programs and services.

Council Members are appointed by the Governor and must represent a majority of individuals with disabilities. Appointments are for three years and a member may serve two consecutive terms. Florida State law sets a maximum number of members at 25.

The Florida Rehabilitation Council is committed to increasing employment, enhancing independence, and improving the quality of life for Floridians with disabilities.

Partnering to create opportunities to employ all people with disabilities in competitive jobs of their choice.

Council Member Listing

Organizational Structure

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee addresses major issues facing the Council and can make preliminary decisions to be considered by the Council. The Executive Committee also works through the Councilís four standing committees to review, analyze, advise and partner with VR and complete other Council requirements. The Executive Committee is composed of the FRC Chair, 1st and 2nd Vice Chairs, immediate Past Chair, the chairs of standing committees, and the Director of VR.

Legislative Committee
This highly active committee visits every state legislator at the Capitol during each legislative session. Educating Legislators is the top priority. Communication with Senate and House leadership allows FRC to keep them up-to-date on VRís accomplishments and budget needs. Through strategic partnership, the Division also keeps FRC informed of legislative activities.

Planning and Coordination Committee
For the Coordination efforts the Committee is federally mandated to dialogue with statewide Councils such as the Independent Living Council, Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, the State Mental Health Council, and others to increase communication, enhance outreach, and to collaborate to prevent duplication of efforts. For the Planning efforts the Committee works as a strategic partner with the Division on holding public forums, reviewing and commenting on the goals and priorities for the Divisionís State Plan, and developing and maintaining the FRC Strategic Plan.

Evaluation Committee
The Evaluation Committee is responsible for the oversight of the VR customer satisfaction survey. This survey is run through our contractor Market Decisions. This survey gathers information on customer satisfaction to assist in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of service provision.

Public Awareness Committee
The Public Awareness Committee develops the Annual Report and marketing materials to garner interest in advocacy efforts for the employment of persons with disabilities. The committee is also tasked with tracking Council membership and works with the Governors Appointment office as needed.