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REBAís focus is on improving DVRís interaction with its vendors. This tool will help us improve processes, increase accuracy and decrease the length of time from service delivery to appropriate payment.

REBA was developed through partnerships with our vendors and contractors. To everyone who participated in its development, testing and training, I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation for your efforts. It is our sincere hope that you will find the Rehabilitation Electronic Billing Application (REBA) to be a vital and helpful tool as your provide critical services to our clients. Thank you for participating!

-Susan Whitmire, Bureau Chief of Administrative Services

Expected Benefits:

"REBA will certainly streamline and improve all of the processes related to our service rate contract with FL Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. This new system is excellent use of my tax dollars because it will actually save time and money in the future, as well as reduce our carbon footprint on the environment by eliminating unnecessary hard copy reports and files."

John Ficca - Program Director
Hands On Employment Services, Inc.

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